…..Josef Halevi, Secret Verses…….

August 27 2015, an exhibition in Presler Private Museum in 54  Wollfson street in Tel Aviv…..link

An article by curator Shulamit Guretzki-Federman : PDF (en) PDF (heb)

The opening of the exhibition in The Presler Museum in Tel Aviv on August 27 2015

…..1965 Today……

 March 31-August 29 2015, an exhibition in The Israel Museum in Jerusalem…..link


An article published in the catalog of the exhibition, Israel Museum “1965 today” by Aya Miron: PDF (en) PDF (heb)

The opening of the exhibition in The Israel Museum in Jerusalem on March 31 2015



‘First a work of art should answer to professional criteria. Second it should have magic.
With magic I mean an extra dimension, something more than a good work of art.
It should fascinate the beholder more than once.

It should again and again attract our attention and our fascination.
With luck or inspriration, the artist may experience
for one moment, a second or two, a flash of light or understanding of the secret of life.
With words this can not adequatly be expressed.
How to achieve this is a secret by itself.
This is sometimes possible when the artist, the canvas, the paint, the brushes and the environment are one.’